Lap Belts

Manually adjusting and retractable lap belts with different buckle styles and colors.

Lap + Shoulder

3 Point retractable and non-retractable seat belts with many different colors and style options.

Vehicle Specific

Customers come to us for many reasons.  Sometimes it's out of necessity because they have a broken seat belt or their dog chewed the seat belt webbing.  Often they come our way because they are rebuilding or restoring a car that means a great deal to them for reasons of nostalgia.  And still others come our way because their vehicle, as much as anything else they own, is personal statement and they want to make that vehicle a "1 of 1." Custom seat belt colors are probably the best bang-for-the-buck modification that can be made., LLC is the worldwide leader in aftermarket and custom seat belt manufacturing.  From Toyota's to Maserati's or Chevy's to Lamborghini's, there's a very good chance we've "been there and done that."  If you need a seat belt in a car that never had one, a broken seat belt replaced, or are ready to upgrade to a new custom seat belt webbing color, it would be our honor to help you.  Give us a call, email us, or submit an inquiry on our website.  We can't wait to hear from you!