About Us

Discover a new world in aftermarket replacement products. Never before has anyone been able to purchase seat belts directly from a seat belt manufacturer. With Seatbeltplanet.com™, you can enjoy the benefits of dealing with experienced seat belt professionals.

Top 5 Reasons People Buy From Us

  1. We answer the phone. We have people dedicated to answering your seat belt questions because let’s face it. You didn’t go to school to be a seat belt expert.
  2. We are knowledgeable and truthful (At the same time!). We have a long history of making seatbelts. We know the questions to ask because we know how to make a quality seatbelt. We also know what can’t be done and will send you to good people that can help you.
  3. We can make the belt you need or make your belt better. Since we don’t just sell seatbelts, we make them! We manufacture your belts from our production facility in Oklahoma City.
  4. It’s easy to return for any reason. You don’t like it: Return it. Enough Said.
  5. You will love working with us. Seatbelts are our passion not just a product we sell. We will not be the cheapest solution because making a seat belt the right way, providing our level of support, and making it easy for you to return it if you are not satisfied are more important to us than getting junk out the door.


in the product you are getting. Seat belts are not a commodity product. They are a vital safety device designed to save lives. Seatbeltplanet.com™ can provide actual test data from one of the most stringent testing programs in the industry. This additional information certifies the replacement seat belt you are buying meets all US federal regulations.


for your specific vehicle. Whether you are looking to match the interior of your ’72 Gran Torino for the next show or replacing a worn out belt for your minivan to meet safety requirements, Seatbeltplanet.com™ is your first and only choice to purchase your aftermarket seat belts AND get installation advice, technical information and a forum to share your experiences.

Prompt Delivery

of your order. Our current leadtime is listed in the cart and on the checkout screen. We strive to ship as quickly as possible.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our return policy is simple and easy. If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your order return it within 90 days and we will either send you a replacement or refund your money.