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Description: Available in many webbing colors, this lap and shoulder belt is equipped with an all metal push button buckle. Customize this seat belt online at SeatbeltPlanet!
Item #: 301
Condition: New
Price: $99.95

Description: Available in 32 different webbing colors, this lap and shoulder belt is equipped with a push button bucklee. Customize this seat belt online at SeatbeltPlanet!
Item #: 300
Condition: New
Price: $89.95

Description: Buy a 3 point retractable lap & shoulder seat belt for your vehicle today! This belt features a lift-latch buckle and comes in your choice of color.
Item #: 302
Condition: New
Price: $96.95

Description: Retractable Lap & Shoulder Seat Belt with End Release Buckle. Purchase this 3 point retractable seat belt online.
Item #: 304
Condition: New
Price: $104.95

Description: Produced with a black retractor and shoulder loop covers, this 3-point seat belt is an ideal replacement part. Shop this easy-to-install belt online today!
Item #: 305
Condition: New
Price: $112.95

Items 1-5 of 5

More About 3 Point Retractable Lap & Shoulder

Universal 3-point retractable seat belts are convenient and offer flexibility that many drivers and passengers need. The 3-point retractable lap and shoulder seat belt functions like a harness with the added convenience of a retractable lap belt. You will feel safe whether you driving a small car or heavy machinery when you use one of these seat belts in your vehicle. The 3-point retractable lap and shoulder seat belt can be installed in the front or back seat with ease. You simply need to purchase the additional hardware mounting kit, remove the existing seat belts, and then begin the installation. You will find yourself ready to drive in complete safety within minutes. Seat belts from Seatbelt Planet are always expertly made and manufactured. They are customizable as well. Our universal 3-point retractable seat belts are no different. You can make it your own by choosing the color and style that matches your vehicle and your personality. However, the first step you need to take is to choose the latch style. Buckles for the 3-point retractable lap and shoulder seat belt are available in push button, latch lift or end release. All are safe choices. The push button style is the easiest to operate and the more standard choice of the three. You simply push the button on the buckle. The lap belt retracts and the shoulder belt releases. The latch style buckle requires the latch to be lifted. This is the safest of the three choices because it is the least likely to be accidentally detached. End release is great for those who need to get in and out of their restraints because it can be released with a single hand. In the end, each choice is an excellent one. Once you have chosen your buckle you can choose the color of webbing. Most vehicles are originally fitted with black seat belts or seat belts that match the color of the interior. At Seatbelt Planet we carry all standard colors. In addition, we offer complimentary colors and custom webbing. If you can dream it, we are almost guaranteed to be able to do it. The most important feature of a universal 3-point retractable seat belt is whether or not it offers you the security you need. Our 3 point seat belt harnesses meet Federal Motor Safety Standards so you always know you are protected. They have been tested and approved for use in the front or back seats. They are safe for drivers and passengers. They can be used in vehicles of all sizes with no worries that they won't keep you safely strapped to the seat. All seat belts sold by Seatbelt Planet are assembled in the United States. We stand by our products with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year manufacturer's warranty. In the unlikely event that your 3-point harness system becomes damaged, we can do repairs for you as well. Call us today at Seatbelt Planet. We have customer service agents who can help you find the right fit and sizing before you place your order. If you need to speak with us outside of office hours you can reach out via social media or through our online form. We treat every customer like you are our only customer. We are waiting to hear from you.