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Description: Traveling Retractable Lap Seat Belt with Push Button Buckle
Item #: 206
Condition: New
Price: $39.95

Description: Non-Retractable 2 Point Seat Belt with Push Button Buckle
Item #: 100
Condition: New
Price: $17.95

Description: Available with an all metal starburst or GM logo buckle, this 3-point seat belt comes in a variety of webbing colors. Shop this popular belt at SeatbeltPlanet.
Item #: 301
Condition: New
Price: $87.95

Description: Retractable Lap & Shoulder Seat Belt with End Release Buckle
Item #: 304
Condition: New
Price: $91.95

Description: Produced with a black retractor and shoulder loop covers, this 3-point seat belt is an ideal replacement part. Shop this easy-to-install belt online today!
Item #: 305
Condition: New
Price: $97.95

Description: Available in 32 different webbing colors, this lap and shoulder belt is equipped with an end release buckle. Customize this seat belt online at SeatbeltPlanet!
Item #: 300
Condition: New
Price: $77.95

Items 1-6 of 6

More About School Bus

The days of school buses without seat belts are over. We have learned that placing children in a large conveyance without the appropriate belts and harnesses is dangerous and unnecessary. SeatbeltPlanet works with bus drivers who own their own buses, private companies who operate school buses and the school districts themselves. We will help you find the best seat belts for drivers and students. Most school buses outfit the student seats with two-point lap belts. These belts may be retractable, which allows for more give. They may also be non-retractable, which sometimes speeds the seating and buckling process. SeatbeltPlanet recommends push button releases for school bus seat belts because those are generally the easiest for children of all ages to operate. These two-point lap belts are very simple to install, which is important when a large number are being placed in a school bus for the first time. It is also vital to have additional seat belts in stock so they can be quickly replaced if a student somehow manages to destroy the mechanism. All of the seat belts we recommend for school buses meet Federal Motor Safety Standards 209 and 302. These seat belts are available in multiple colors depending on your needs. You may prefer tones like charcoal or black, which match most school bus seats. Conversely, you might want to install bright hues like neon green or canary yellow. These vibrant tones remind your students to strap in. They also enable school bus drivers to more clearly see if students are safely strapped into their seats. If your buses are owned by the school district, you may prefer to purchase seat belts in school colors. With more than 30 shades to choose from, you are virtually guaranteed to find a color that adds to your school spirit. Along with student seats, your bus drivers need to have a safety harnesses as well. Three-point lap and shoulder harnesses are ideal for school bus drivers. These school bus safety harnesses can also be used in student seats for added security. You can make large purchases of seat belts for school buses online or you may call SeatbeltPlanet directly any day of the week. We will help you choose the right seatbelts for your school buses along with any necessary mounting hardware.