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Description: 12" Contoured Plastic Sleeve for Globe Buckles
Item #: 95-V02
Condition: New
Price: $12.95

Description: Traveling Retractable Lap Seat Belt with Push Button Buckle
Item #: 206
Condition: New
Price: $43.95

Description: Non-Retractable 2 Point Lap Seat Belt with All Metal Starburst
Item #: 101
Condition: New
Price: $25.95

Description: Non-Retractable Universal Seat Belt Replacement with End Release Buckle
Item #: 104
Condition: New
Price: $27.95

Description: Non-Retractable Lap Belt with End Release Buckle on a Cable or Bracket Stalk
Item #: 115
Condition: New
Price: $50.95

Description: Non-Retractable Lap Seat Belt with Lift Latch Buckle. Buckle covers available in chrome or a selection of colors.
Item #: 102
Condition: New
Price: $24.95

Description: Non-Retractable 2 Point Seat Belt with Push Button Buckle
Item #: 100
Condition: New
Price: $21.95

Description: Available in many webbing colors, this lap and shoulder belt is equipped with an all metal push button buckle. Customize this seat belt online at SeatbeltPlanet!
Item #: 301
Condition: New
Price: $96.95

Description: Retractable Lap & Shoulder Seat Belt with End Release Buckle. Purchase this 3 point retractable seat belt online.
Item #: 304
Condition: New
Price: $101.95

Description: Produced with a black retractor and shoulder loop covers, this 3-point seat belt is an ideal replacement part. Shop this easy-to-install belt online today!
Item #: 305
Condition: New
Price: $107.95

Items 1-10 of 19

More About Commercial Bus

Whether used for tourism or transport, commercial buses need seat belts that can fit a variety of passengers. If you own just one commercial bus or an entire fleet, you need to know that your coach seat belts can be used by the youngest and oldest riders as well as those with different abilities. You can find the best commercial bus seat belts through SeatbeltPlanet. You can choose from 10 different styles of seat belts that are particularly suited to commercial buses. A two-point, retractable lap seat belt with a push button is easy to install and easy to use. You can choose a 12" or 18" fixed buckle model for commercial buses and vans with bench seats. Commercial buses with bucket seats can be improved with the 8" or 12" models. Another option is the two-point lap seat belt with an end release buckle. This is a popular option for commercial buses available in 60", 74" and 90" finished length. Two-point lift latch buckles are widely used in commercial conveyances. Lift latch buckles are some of the safest options as they are unlikely to be accidentally unhooked. The classic style lift latch is a favorite with commercial bus owners because they are inexpensive and timeless. Your passengers can be assured that they will be safe and secure as you transport them to and from their destinations. For heightened security, you may wish to purchase a three-point retractable seat belt. These can be used in front and rear seats. If you have bucket seats in your commercial bus, you can choose 8" black sleeves or 12" sleeved buckles. Many commercial bus owners believe they cannot install three-point harnesses if they have bench seats. With SeatbeltPlanet, that is not true. We offer three-point harnesses in 12" fixed lengths for benches to be used in your commercial bus or van. Most of these coach seat belts offered through SeatbeltPlanet are available in shades that match or complement your decor. You might prefer a color that is simple and neutral, like black, white, silver or grey. SeatbeltPlanet also offers colors that stand out, making your commercial bus more memorable to your passengers. Why not choose a dynamic shade like canary yellow, orange, purple, neon green or hot pink? Your riders are sure to notice flame red seat belts the next time you take them for a ride. Along with commercial bus seat belts, SeatbeltPlanet provides seat-to-floor tethers and comfort clips. Comfort clips are simple items that can make a world of difference to your passengers. These clips, which fit standard seat belt webbing, are used to lessen the irritation caused by seat belts that rub against a passenger's neck. They are inexpensive and durable items that are easy to clean. These are a must for any commercial bus or van equipped with three-point harnesses. Seatbelt Planet provides these items and more for customers throughout the world. We are a worldwide authority in coach bus seat belts because we pride ourselves in offering only the best to our customers.