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Description: Non-Retractable 2 Point Seat Belt with Push Button Buckle
Item #: 100
Condition: New
Price: $17.95

Description: Order a 4 point seat belt harness for your vehicle! This universal seat belt is easy to install and meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 209 & 302.
Item #: 4
Condition: New
Price: $106.95

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More About Amusement Rides

The most important component of an amusement ride is not the height of the Ferris wheel. It is not the number of loops, drops and sharp turns on the roller coaster. It is not even the speed at which the motors whip passengers to and fro. The most vital part of any thrill ride is safety. Amusement rides cannot be considered safe without excellent belts and harnesses that fit any passenger who chooses to ride. Amusement ride seat belts can be difficult if you have a variety of customers. As an owner of amusement rides, you must be prepared for passengers of all ages, shapes and sizes. Therefore, the harnesses and belts should be adjustable to fit the type of riders that are most likely to use the rides you own. Non-retractable, two-point lap belts are good choices that allow for quick latching and unlatching. Passengers can get in and out with speed while also being strapped tightly to the amusement ride. These non-retractable roller coaster belt are available in multiple colors to match the seats or the rides themselves. Through SeatbeltPlanet, you can find standard shades like black, tan, grey or white. You can also select more dynamic colors like lime green, canary yellow, seafoam, turquoise, electric blue, flame red and many more. Other features of the non-retractable, two-point lap belts for amusement rides include nickel plated snap hook end anchors and clear zinc plated end fittings. These lap roller coaster seat belts are easily installed, which gives you the ability to replace belts as needed without lengthy and costly delays. Two-point lap belts are offered in multiple sizes, ranging from 40" to 62" adjustable and 12" to 45" fixed lengths. These can be used in front or rear seats. Another good choice for amusement rides are four-point harnesses. These amusement ride seat belts provide excellent safety for some the most exciting rides. Four-point universal roller coaster safety harnesses are adjustable to fit many different passengers. They are non-retractable, usable in front and rear seats and can be used with bench or bucket type seats. These four-point universal seat belt harnesses are offered in colors that can blend with the amusement ride seats or stand out. Look for neutral colors like dark brown, camel tan, charcoal and porcelain. You can also choose from shades such as sunset orange, jungle green, laguna blue, wisteria and fuchsia. Four-point harness belts are even offered in multi-colors with stripes of red, silver, orange and more. SeatbeltPlanet offers these belts and harnesses as part of our lengthy assortment of safety materials offered at great prices every day. All of our seatbelts are assembled in the USA. They also come with a generous return policy so you can always know your investment is the right one for your business. Contact SeatbeltPlanet with any questions about our roller coaster seat belts or place your order online today.