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Description: Available with an all metal starburst or GM logo buckle, this 3-point seat belt comes in a variety of webbing colors. Shop this popular belt at SeatbeltPlanet.
Item #: 301
Condition: New
Price: $87.95

Description: Retractable Lap & Shoulder Seat Belt with End Release Buckle
Item #: 304
Condition: New
Price: $91.95

Description: Produced with a black retractor and shoulder loop covers, this 3-point seat belt is an ideal replacement part. Shop this easy-to-install belt online today!
Item #: 305
Condition: New
Price: $97.95

Description: Available in 32 different webbing colors, this lap and shoulder belt is equipped with an end release buckle. Customize this seat belt online at SeatbeltPlanet!
Item #: 300
Condition: New
Price: $77.95

Description: Seat belt comfort clip - adjust seat belt tension comfortably across your neck
Item #: 95250
Condition: New
Price: $16.95

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Item #: 53411
Condition: New
Price: $34.95

No Image Available
Item #: 53412
Condition: New
Price: $39.95

Items 1-7 of 7

More About Semi-Trucks

Semi-trailers, like all motor vehicles, must have seat belts in order to operate within the law. However, a simple seat belt is not enough for drivers who are on the road for hours, sometimes days, at a time. If you are a driver, you know how important it is to be safe while you are on the road. If you are the owner of a semi-trailer or an entire fleet, you are aware that proper safety precautions are a necessary part of the upkeep of your vehicles. Semi-trailers need to be installed with three-point harnesses that are strong and durable. Our semi-truck seat belts are available with push button, release cables or bracket buckles. They are all retractable, giving you or your driver as much give as is needed. SeatbeltPlanet's handy selection measuring guide helps you to find the right choice for your semi-trailer. One great benefit of these three-point harnesses is that they are very easy to install. It does not take a professional mechanic; anyone should be able to install these retractable semi-truck seat belts. All three-point harnesses are available in multiple colors and webbing lengths. They are produced with clear zinc plated end fittings and work with both bench and bucket seats. These three-point harnesses are made to fit most vehicles. If you have any question about the fit for your semi-trailer, simply give us a call. Our experts will advise you on which three-point safety harness is the best for your vehicle. We also offer replacement seat belts for work trucks.