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Description: 3" Retractable Lap Belt with End Release Buckles
Item #: 224
Condition: New
Price: $87.95

Description: 3" Retractable Lap Belt with Lift Latch Buckles
Item #: 222
Condition: New
Price: $109.95

Description: Retractable Lap Seat Belt with 20" Fixed or 12" Sleeved All Metal Starburst
Item #: 201
Condition: New
Price: $64.95

Description: 2 Point Retractable Seat Belt with 20" Adjustable or 12" Sleeved Chrome or Black Wrinkle Lift Latch Buckle
Item #: 202
Condition: New
Price: $63.95

Description: Retractable Lap Seat Belt with 20" Fixed of 12" Sleeved Push Button Buckle
Item #: 200
Condition: New
Price: $61.95

Description: Retractable Lap Seat Belt with Reman OE Style Buckle
Item #: DGM201
Condition: New
Price: $90.95

Description: Retractable Lap Seat Belt with End Release Buckles on Cable or Bracket Stalks
Item #: 205
Condition: New
Price: $89.95

Description: Non-Retractable Universal Lap Seat Belt with Bolt Down or Snap Hook Anchors
Item #: 109
Condition: New
Price: $41.95

Description: Non-Retractable 2 Point Lap Seat Belt with All Metal Starburst
Item #: 101
Condition: New
Price: $25.95

Description: Non-Retractable Universal Seat Belt Replacement with End Release Buckle
Item #: 104
Condition: New
Price: $26.95

Items 1-10 of 19

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Forklift drivers must be secured with a safety belt at all times. Any construction site, warehouse or other industrial company needs to ensure that the right belts are installed in order to keep drivers safe and insurance prices down. Choose from a wide supply of forklift seat belts that can be installed quickly, easily and without a great expense. A two-point retractable lap belt is arguably the most common and most popular choice in seat belts for forklifts. The two-point lap belt provides forklift drivers with the safety they need while leaving their upper bodies free to do focus on the job at hand. These two-point lap belts are easy to install regardless of the type of seat that is in your forklift. Both bucket and bench seats can be outfitted by these high-quality forklift seat belts. Mounting hardware kits are also available, though they are optional purchases. You may choose between a fixed or sleeve buckle. You can also choose between a 4" or 7" retractor cover. When making your seat belt purchase, don't forget about colors. We have a large variety of colors to choose from so that you can match the existing accessories in your forklift, match the seat or provide a contrast. No matter what colors you prefer, you will find an option that works for you. Some forklift drivers prefer push button releases. Others prefer lift latch buckles. SeatbeltPlanet knows this, therefore we offer both. Choose to have the same type of belt in all of your forklifts or pick a variety. Because our seat belts are sold in units of one, you can mix and match to suit whichever driver, vehicle and situation you need. Another great option is a lap belt with an end release buckle. These are some of the most popular options for heavy machinery, construction equipment, tractors and forklifts. Drivers often prefer the cabled end release buckle style lap belts because they are both quick and comfortable. Not only can you choose from a wide variety of styles; you can also pick from varying prices. SeatbeltPlanet knows that sometimes you need to save money on your safety equipment while you cannot sacrifice the efficacy of the belts. Seat belts and harnesses are available at varying price points. You are virtually guaranteed to find a forklift seat belt that fits your needs as well as your budget. We can even customize a seat belt if you don't see the perfect choice We also offer forklift seat belt extenders and other accessories. We have experts on hand, waiting to give you the advice you need to make the perfect purchase. Give us a call, use our handy online form or reach out via social media. SeatbeltPlanet is happy to make your seat belt purchase an excellent experience whether you need to purchase one or 100 belts. At SeatbeltPlanet, every customer is valued as if they are our only customer.