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Description: Driver or Passenger Seat Belt
Item #: 53612
Condition: New
Price: $124.95

Description: Send us your seat belt and we will UPGRADE to the color of your choice!! (Price is per seat belt)
Item #: REWEB
Condition: New
Price: $150.00
as low as: $140.00
3 or more
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Item #: 53411
Condition: New
Price: $34.95

No Image Available
Item #: 53412
Condition: New
Price: $39.95

Items 1-4 of 4

More About Pierce

Pierce is a manufacturer of some of the most important vehicles in the world. Firefighters rely on Pierce firetrucks to get them where they need to go. They also rely on the seat belts inside those trucks to keep them safe while they are on the road. Seatbelt Planet has replacement kits for Pierce firetrucks that are just as dependable as those that were originally installed. You can count on Seatbelt Planet to provide you with seat belts that keep our first responders safe as they speed down the road.