Custom Colored Seat Belts

Don't let stock seat belts hold you back!

Custom colored belts are the highest-impact-for-the-dollar investment you can make in your vehicle, regardless if it's already highly customized or still mostly stock.

Our process is very simple. 99% of all projects cost around $315 or less for a pair of custom colored seat belts including shipping and everything. We are a true customized belt manufacturer with an average employee tenure of a full decade!  Just because someone can sew seat belt webbing, it doesn't mean they can make a safe seat belt.  Trust your safety to the professionals.


Choose a color

Choose from more than 50 different webbing colors


Send us your seatbelts

Send us your seat belt OR buy seat belts online and have them drop-shipped to us.


Quick Turnaround

We complete the work and send them back quick!



Dodge Challenger SRT with Red Stripe Webbing   Porsche 911 with Canary Yellow Seat Belts
Humvee with Flame Red Seat Belts   Dodge Viper with Neon Green Seat Belts

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