New Seat Belt Webbing Replacement Services

Audi R8

It's not just a car... It's a personal statement.

You didn't buy that car just to get you to work. 

You bought that car because it called to your soul. It's yours and it's unique. Stock seat belts are BORING, so why settle? We can help you make your car stand out with custom seat belt webbing built by a true seat belt manufacturer.

Our process is very simple.

1- Choose from more than 50 different colors.

2- Complete the form below. We will send you a quote along with a project number, shipping instructions and fully detailed cost - no surprises!

3- Send us your seat belt OR buy seat belts online and have them drop-shipped to us. We can also do this for you if you'd like.

4- We complete the work and send them back in 48 hours. We will call before we ship to get your payment information.

Pricing starts at $130 for stock colors. Your safety is worth it!

Not sure how to remove seat belts to send to us? Check our some our removal and installation videos of re-webbed seat belts.

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