Posted by Mike on 06/14/2011

We have been blown away by the sheer number of "the dog chewed my seat belt" stories we've heard.

Don't let the goofy title fool you though - this is VERY technical work completed and supervised by highly trained individuals with years of seat belt experience.

This customer had us re-web just the shoulder retractor on their dual retractor belt. It was a 1997 GMC Sierra Ext. Cab work truck. We were aware that the belt had been chewed by his dog but did not know it had been severed until we began to remove the duct tape. The belt had been overlapped by 8" and taped to itself. Of course we do not know if the vehicle was driven in this condition or if this was simply done prior to shipping it to us. Our hope is that it wasn't driven but either way, we are confident and happy to know it is now in proper, safe working order!

Check out these BEFORE pictures!

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