Custom Colored Seat Belts

Don't let stock seat belts hold you back!

Still have boring, stock seatbelts?  Reweb them in the color of your choice for a completely unique touch.

Our process is very simple and all prices include return shipping back to you. We are a true customized belt manufacturer with an average employee tenure of a full decade!  Just because someone can sew seat belt webbing, it doesn't mean they can make a safe seat belt.  Trust your safety to the professionals.


Step 1:  Choose a Color

Check out all of our colors in the link below. We will even send free samples!



Step 2:  Send us Your Seatbelts

Remove the seatbelts from your car and mail them to us. We will replace the webbing and get them back to you ASAP!


Got Questions?

We'll be happy to help out!



Still Have Questions? Let's Connect!

If you have questions at any time, give us a call. We love seat belts and are always excited to talk to you about your project!

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