Repair, Replace, Restyle



Changing or Renewing the interior of your car and need your seat belts to match?

Replacing worn, torn or faded seat belt webbing to pass safety inspection?

Broken buckle?

Dog or other varmint chew or nibble at your seat belt webbing?


The Seat Belt Doctor specializes in repairing seat belts. Call us at (405) 736-0088 or email [email protected] for more information and to talk through your repair.


Push Button Buckle Repair

We can repair your worn electric or non-electric Ford or GM buckle for you.  If your buckle looks like the ones pictured below please give us a call toll free at 855-736-0088 to receive a project number to send it in for repair.  This repair typically take 1-2 days plus ship time back to you.



End Release Buckle Repair

If you have an end release female buckle type (pictured below), however, repairs cannot be made.




Can The Seatbelt Doctor repair "Pretensioning" retractors?

A pretensioner style seat belt mechanism uses an explosive charge to tighten the seat belt in the beginning milliseconds of an accident. This in turn pulls the person's body in tight to the seat, reducing harmful movement during the crash event.  The other benefit is that in vehicles equipped with a smart airbag, it helps position the occupant so as to receive the maximum protective benefit of the airbag.  You can learn more about these pretensioner style seat belts in this Youtube video created by Toyota New Zealand.

The Seatbelt Doctor can perform webbing replacement on "un-fired" pretensioning retractors.  If your pretenioning retractor or buckle has been fired and is in need of repair, we are happy to refer you to Five Star Airbags for these repairs.  Call them toll free at 888-378-2629 or visit their website here.