Repair, Replace, Restyle

SeatbeltPlanet™ is now offering seatbelt refurbishing services:

Push Button Buckle Repair

We can repair your worn electric or non electric Ford-GM female buckle for you.  If your buckle looks like the ones pictured below please give us a call toll free at 877-435-6363 to receive a project number to send it in for repair.  This repair typically take 1-2 days plus ship time back to you.


End Release Buckle Repair

If you have an end release female buckle type (pictured below) repairs cannot be made.


Webbing Replacement

Dog chewed your webbing? Or is your webbing worn out from years of use?  We can put brand new webbing in almost any seat belt.


Tired of your current look? Show your team spirit. Pimp your ride. We can help enliven your interior.

This service is managed by a highly experienced, degreed seatbelt engineered and trained staff. This process is real simple.

  1. We will issue a project number for your seatbelts. 
  2. Upon our evaluation we will officially quote the cost to you.
  3. With your payment we then can get started with this service.
  4. Upon completion, which takes 2-3 weeks, we'll ship them back.

How to get started

Please call toll free at 855-736-0088 or email us at to obtain an estimate cost and project number.

Don't trust your belts to just anyone. Learn the important questions you need to ask about your seatbelt manufacturer.

What is a "Pretensioner" style seat belt typically used in late model vehicles.

A "Pretensioner style seat belt is like a valiant but tragic hero.  This seat belt sacrifices its life in a accident, in order to save yours.  The pretensioner mechanism uses an explosive charge to drive a concealed piston when sensors detect the abrupt deceleration of an accident.  The piston, in turn, rapidly drives the spool around which the webbing strap of a seat belt is wrapped.  That incredibly fast retraction of the webbing removes the slack from the belt instantly.  This extra seat belt "pretension, moments prior to the full force of impact, pulls the bodies of the driver and front-seat passenger firmly into their seats.  The positions them so as to receive the maximum protection benefit of the front airbags.  it also helps prevent the unfortunate phenomenon car crash-ologist call "submarining."  That's when the momentum causes by the crash jerks a victim's body under his or her lap belt and sends it careening forward below the dash.

Can SeatbeltPlanet repair "Pretensioners" retractors?

Due to the lack of components and experience we cannot perform repairs on blown retractors. SeatbeltPlanet can perform webbing replacement on unblown "pretensioner" retractors.  We can refer you to Five Star AirBags for these repairs.  Call them toll free at 888-378-2629.