Corvette Seat Belt Work for a Daddy and Daughter

Posted by Ed on 07/05/2017

We had some great weather last Friday. It was a perfect time to help a single mom out with her seat belts. This little red corvette is her dad's and he is unable to use it. She wanted to get it in driving condition so that she could take her dad around in it.

We took time out to take out the seats and remove the seat belts. We replaced the webbing and reinstalled everything for the weekend drive. Sorry for the lack of the finished seat belts in the vehicle. We had to get this mom out and on the road!

If you need to get your seat belt repaired or webbing replaced, click on this link to answer any questions you might have. You can call us at (405) 736-0088 or click on "Chat Now" to get additional assistance.

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